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Koolaire by Manitowoc

Manitowoc Foodservice has a new brand of cube ice machines marketed and sold under the Koolaire® name. Koolaire modular "Kube" ice machines are available in three convenient sizes, 22", 30" and 48" with 7 different production ranges from 250 lbs. to 1350 lbs. of ice per day. All Koolaire products have a 5 year parts & labor warranty on the evaporator, 5 year parts and 3 years labor on the compressor and 3 years parts & labor on the remaining components. Machines are available in self-contained air-cooled models, water-cooled models and traditional remote models. 

Koolaire is in stock at WPD, call for details.

To learn more about this product go to www.kool-aire.com .

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Hydration StationAs seen in the Ag Source Magazine. A water station or AquaZone is the end result of combining the right ice maker with the right storage bin and water filtration system to create an equipment package that will deliver the clean, clear, cool water you need as required by the CAL-OSHA standards for heat illness prevention. There is no "one size fits all" water station as each applications needs are different. However, rest assured that WPD will help you configure and build the right AquaZone for you and your outdoor workers. Contact us for more details and/or to arrange a site inspection.

The heat illness prevention law requires labor contractors and employers to provide 1 quart of water, per person, per hour worked outdoors. It further states that in areas of excessive heat it may be required that ice be provided to insure that the water stays cool. The fines for non compliance are significant and pale in comparison to the cost of a life. AquaZone stations from WPD are a great way to stay in compliance and to be a responsible employer. Contact any of our 6 locations throughout California and Nevada for assistance with your needs.



Add profit by extending your outdoor patio dining season!

Bromic Heating has set the industry benchmark with stylish good looks and world-first innovation.
Bromic Heating was born out of the core technical expertise and commercial capabilities of the Bromic gas and components businesses. Bromic’s experienced engineering and sales teams have enabled the development of market-changing outdoor radiant heating solutions. The business commenced this revolution of outdoor heating with the introduction of the Platinum Smart-HeatTM Gas range in 2007 and since then has expanded the product range to include several other gas and electric outdoor heating options.
In colder outdoor areas, traditional electric element heaters prove ineffective and inefficient as well as traditional gas heaters which remain cumbersome and obtrusive. The Bromic Heating Range provides an innovative and prestigious gas and electric heating solution to our customers by addressing heating efficiency, usability, user comfort and aesthetic appearance

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