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BioZone Scientific International

WPD is proud to present our newest product, BioZone Scientific!


BioZone Scientific's patented UV disinfection, air treatment, and odor

control technology offers chemical-free solutions to eliminate

bacteria, viruses, mold, slime, biofil, and odors in the air and on

surfaces in:

Ice Machines

Restrooms and Washrooms

Kitchen Hoods

HVAC Systems

When Mr John Guest first opened his factory doors in 1961, he was determined to run a company where quality of product and excellence of service underpinned its ethos. A strong spirit of innovation was encouraged from the outset which led to the development and invention of the first Speedfit push-fit fittings in the 1970s by John Guest himself.
The company is still family owned and run and greatly appreciates excellent relationships with its distributors and end users. Values of respect and decency are positively encouraged both within the firm and with all external trading partners. A long established reputation has been earned as a world leading manufacturer of push-fit fittings, tubing, and other fluid control products.
This reputation is built on producing consistently high quality and innovative products with an on-going commitment to value engineering and product development.

Hydration StationAs seen in the Ag Source Magazine. A water station or AquaZone is the end result of combining the right ice maker with the right storage bin and water filtration system to create an equipment package that will deliver the clean, clear, cool water you need as required by the CAL-OSHA standards for heat illness prevention. There is no "one size fits all" water station as each applications needs are different. However, rest assured that WPD will help you configure and build the right AquaZone for you and your outdoor workers. Contact us for more details and/or to arrange a site inspection.

The heat illness prevention law requires labor contractors and employers to provide 1 quart of water, per person, per hour worked outdoors. It further states that in areas of excessive heat it may be required that ice be provided to insure that the water stays cool. The fines for non compliance are significant and pale in comparison to the cost of a life. AquaZone stations from WPD are a great way to stay in compliance and to be a responsible employer. Contact any of our 6 locations throughout California and Nevada for assistance with your needs.





Smart-Heat™ Gas Heaters
Smart-Heat™ gas heaters are ideal heating solutions for any hospitality establishment’s outdoor dining space. Our gas-powered heaters are smart and stylish and provide the perfect ambience for any venue, from casual dining areas to high-class venues where aesthetics are vitally important to the overall dining experience. Bromic Heating has supplied heating solutions for a wide range of venues, from small cafes to large dining areas in five star hotels. However large or small your establishment, and wherever in the US it is located, we have a complete heating solution for you. We understand the need for pioneering heating solutions which is why we are proud to present the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas Heater Series and the Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas Heater Series. These outstanding hospitality gas heaters offer a range of benefits previously unseen in traditional gas heaters and both series are available in two models; the 300 model and the larger 500 model.

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