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BioZone Scientific International is the global leader in ultraviolet light commercial and industrial applications. BioZone Scientific was founded with the idea to combine science and technology to develop advanced solutions to target specific issues involving sanitation, preventative maintenance, and odor control solutions.

We serve various clients, including equipment manufacturers, restaurants, healthcare facilities, hotels, casinos, schools, and other commercial institutions. Over the years, our innovations have resulted in an entirely new generation of multi-patented air and surface disinfection technologies, launching a series of devices remarkably effective in neutralizing odors, controlling micro-contaminants, and inhibiting organic growth. Today, BioZone Scientific is recognized as a world leader in chemical-free solutions and our products are certified by independent third party standard organizations to ensure electrical safety, performance, and compliance with national and international regulations. Our goal is to exceed customer needs through a commitment to science, solutions, and support. BioZone Scientific is a privately-held company headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA.