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Henny Penny

We’ve come a long way since our first commercial pressure fryer in 1957 — and we couldn’t have done it without a world-class team. From our headquarters in Eaton, Ohio, to our overseas locations in France and China, our employees have carried on a spirit of quality and innovation for decades.

It’s a spirit that’s not only made us an industry leader, but a great place to work.

At Henny Penny, we value our people and it shows. From our low turnover rate to our competitive benefits package, we’re proud to offer employees a positive, family-friendly working environment — one that combines the best of a family-owned business and a truly global organization.

Dedication to teamwork. Pride in our accomplishments. The ability and desire to innovate. Those are the qualities of a winning team, and for hundreds of our loyal employees, it’s the formula for a rewarding, successful career at Henny Penny.



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