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Nelson Manufacturing

C. Nelson Manufacturing Company was founded in 1898. The Smith Family has owned the company for the past 30 years. Kelley Smith and his family are the current owners in the succession of the family business.

Over the past 20 or more years, the Nelson Manufacturing Company has distinguished itself in the custom design of commercial refrigeration products in small quantities, particularly for outdoor use. Nelson has become quite skilled at solving customer problems for unique designs, from extreme environmental conditions to exquisite-looking pieces. Nelson evolved into more complex set-ups, including kiosks complete with distributed electrical and plumbing systems for a variety of food service applications and lately into high visibility, low curved glass display cabinets.

Our accounts include all major ice cream companies. Our customers can be found in amusement and theme parks (including Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens and Cedar Point), Racetracks, Coliseums, Schools and Universities, Sports Complexes and many Zoos around the country. We can also be found in resorts and poolside, nationwide. We offer nationwide Distributors with inventory stock.

C. Nelson has been manufacturing ice cream cabinets, ice cream carts and related equipment for over 110 years and was the first company to make a mechanically refrigerated ice cream cabinet.

We are a small manufacturer and our niche in life is producing the finest ice cream cabinets for the frozen dessert industry, We customize many of our products for the small producers and manufacturers of ice cream, Italian ices, gelato, and other frozen dessert concoctions.

We also specialize in helping you to sell your product outside of the store. Our ice cream carts are simply the best in the industry. With our unique digital temperature controllers, our carts can easily be configured for hard-frozen products like ice cream novelties, softer products like Italian ices and frozen lemonade, or those in between, like scooping temperatures for ice cream and gelato.

Nelson manufactures other products for those who are involved in the catering business, the special events business, and those who operate sports arenas, convention centers, amusement parks, and other locations outside the store. Our ice cream carts and stand-alone self-contained sinks are approved by the most rigorous health departments, including the Los Angeles County Health Department and the Clark County Health Department (Las Vegas).

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